Single-entry pass: 1,400 yen (advance purchase) 1,600 yen (door)

Door passes will be sold at the Reception on the days of the festival.
Only passes for the films being shown on that day will be available for purchase.

Triple-entry pass: 3,800 yen

For the purchase of Triple-entry passes, please note that you cannot make reservations for any of the films. On the day of the festival, please indicate at the Reception the movie (s) that you wish to view (limited only to the movies being shown on that day itself). You will then be handed coupon(s) in exchange for your pass. As passes for particular shows may be sold out, we seek your understanding if the movie you wish to view is unavailable. The Triple-entry pass may be used by more than one person, for viewing up to a total of three films per pass.

Kansai Free Pass: 10,000 yen (advance purchase), 12,000 yen (door)

The use of the Kansai Free Pass is limited only to the individual whose name is indicated on the pass.
It cannot be shared with other users.

Advance purchase of passes are from 10th June 2006 to 17th July 2006.

**Passes can be bought through the PIA website http://t.pia.co.jp
P code: Single-entry pass 522-197/ Triple-entry pass 476-146/ Kansai Free Pass 476-147
Tel: 0570-02-9999

**Locker Room (Doyama branch) 06-6314-1122
** Konboi (Osaka Doyama branch) 06-6361-3020
** Lumiere (Kyoto branch) 075-341-0213.

Entrance will be permitted up to 20 minutes before the start of each film, and there will be no fixed allocation of seats.

Seating priority will be ordered as follows:
**Kansai Free Pass holders, then
**Single-entry Pass holders (advance purchase and door) will be given queue numbers for priority of entry into the theater.

Holders of the Single-entry pass (advance purchase) should obtain a queue number from the Reception on the day of attendance. People who purchase passes at the door will also be issued a queue number.

Holders of the Triple-entry pass (advance purchase) should also obtain a queue number for their indicated choice of film. The order of priority will be equivalent to that of passes purchased at the door on that day.

When the doors open, entrance will be based on the queue numbers allocated. If pass holders of the queue number allocated are absent, the next number in line will be given priority for entrance into the theater.

Upon presentation of the Kansai Free Pass, holders of this Pass have top seating priority at all times, for all film screenings. Kansai Free Pass holders therefore do not have to obtain any queue numbers.

However, please note that in the case of unexpectedly large demand for certain films, there is the possibility that even Kansai Free Pass holders (or holders of any other pass) will be unable to obtain entry into the theater.

We seek your understanding in such a situation.

Once the seating capacity for each screening is reached, further admission into the theater will be standing-room only.

*Personal helpers providing assistance to people with disabilities will not be charged a fee for entry (limited to one helper per person).

--------- For more details, please contact:
Kansai Queer Film Festival team c/o QWRC
408 Tokan Mansion Higashi Umeda
Nakazaki-cho 1-1-7, Kita-ku
Osaka 530-0015
Tel: +81 (0)70-5666-1125
E-mail: info-en[at]kansai-qff.org (English enquiries).